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ESJAY Security Systems

We will have proposed systems converted to a reliable, advanced technical system at a very reasonable price. This is possible due to stability of our company as a leading manufacturer of electronics components, and systems integrator.


Perimeter Protection Systems.

  • Monitored Chain Link Fence
  • Electrified Concertina Wire
  • Microwave barriers
  • CCTV System
  • Hand Held Metal Detector

Monitored Chain Link Fence

Our company will be able to convert the normal chain link fence (even existing fences) to an electronically monitored fence by fixing sensors assembled in our company.

1. Sensor detection can be adjusted to detect even a small degree of movement exercised on the fence, using the analyser. 2. Detects cutting through, or scaling, by a sensor connected through the processor-analyser and activate an alarm system.


Electrified Concertina Wire

We convert normal concertina wire to a reliable, maintainable, cheap and effective defence system by fixing an inner electrified coil manufactured in our company. This will detect any zonal intrusion and give an alarm.


Microwave barriers

Microwave units are designed for external detection, based on bistatic, volumetric detection principle. A separate transmitter and receiver are arranged facing one another to provide special protection in the area between them. This type of system will allow the detection of an object moving within the sensitive field so created.


CCTV System

  Install B/W CCD Cameras and Colour Cameras with Auto Iris.  
  • CCTV systems enable
  • 24 hour monitoring of all designated areas
  • Clear identification of miscreants within the range of the cameras
  • Monitoring persons entering and leaving the premises

Hand Held Metal Detector


The hand-portable Metal detector is easy to use and has excellent detection sensitivity. it has been designed specifically for searching persons, letters and packages for weapons and metallic contra-band.


It has clearly arranged controls for:


1.Visual alarm for Magnetic and non-magnetic security metal detection 2.Variable sensitivity
3.Switch ON indicator
4.ON/OFF Switch
5.Low battery indicator
6.Speaker/Buzzer for audible alarm signal


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